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We at Clonect are a team of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds and skills, believing in innovation and excellence. Research, continuous learning, opportunities to work closely with senior leaders, stimulating environment characterized by knowledge sessions, brainstorming, regular fun-filled events – all form an intrinsic part of Clonect’s culture. Every employee has the freedom to come up with their independent ideas and choose to experiment, grow and learn.

If you are looking to join us in our journey, reach out to us. We are eager to talk with you!

What Our Employees Say

Having a surrounding with the right mix of composed work environment, hearty people to uplift your energy, and events to loosen up the work muscles, Clonect has certainly been a joy ride. A perfect platform to kick-start and take over the corporate world!

Sanjana C Customer Enablement Team

Working at Clonect is a great source of inspiration, working with talented and devoted people with a variety of different backgrounds and interests. Since joining Clonect almost 1 and half years ago I’ve learned so many new things. I would always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person

Jyothi Modi Legal Analyst

Clonect has given me an opportunity to learn and aid the Corporates in achieving 100% Compliance, so it feels prodigious to work here

Satya Jyothi Senior Legal Analyst

Clonect offers excellent atmosphere to learn technology and understand the architecture of product based environment where you get to see experienced, dedicated & highly qualified team to guide. Every Day its exciting, challenging & inspiring here to work. Every body’s ideas are respected and valued irrespective of the experience you have. Its been a great memorable journey and a great privilege to work in a start up like this. Thank you Clonect.

Varun B R Senior Software Engineer

The greatest value of working with CLONECT is not only to have good people around you and what you get from them,but the better person you become because of them….

Sumeet Sharma Legal Analyst

I love working for Clonect Solutions. The best part about working for Clonect Solutions is its people and the values-based culture. Clonect Solutions Employees are asked, “What should we be doing?”, not told “what to do.” Its guiding values would always ensure individuals career growth while growing as a company.

Shreekanth C Senior Executive - Customer Enablement Team

It has a people driven approach which provides the professionals a platform to take up challenging and rewarding assignments.The visionary leadership, efficient & enthusiastic talent pool and friendly work environment are the strengths of the company.Clonect Solutions has flexible working environment and lets me easily balance both my personal and my work life.Clonect provides a truly remarkable and collaborative environment where passionate individuals work as a cohesive team.

Neha Vineet Joshi, Business Development Manager - Enterprise

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