Labour Compliance Services (LCS)

The Indian landscape of Labour laws is continually changing, with various rules getting more stringent, resulting in massive penalties and lawsuits. Managing compliances in traditional methods is not meeting the need of the hour.


The ever-evolving scenario of Labour laws in India brings about increasing stringency, leading to substantial penalties and legal challenges. Conventional approaches to managing labour law compliances or relying on regular labour law consultants is not meeting the need of the hour. Organizations need trusted compliance partners to be a champion in managing their labour law compliances. 

ricago LCS is an end-to-end labour law compliance management service that focuses on effective implementation of best practices & processes under all applicable central & state-specific labour laws. Our service line covers but not limited to - payroll compliances, provident fund compliances, Statutory HR Compliances, Factory Compliances, Vendor Compliances and lot more

Our skilled Labour Compliances team is led by a highly trained professional with 23 years of corporate experience, having worked with IT majors in handling PAN India compliances and representing the Central/State departments at various levels personally and via Industry organizations.

Our industry expert team continually monitors labour law updates and changes and advises customers accordingly. We maintain positive ties with state and labour departments, which allows us to address and solve the tedious tasks like managing documentation, registrations/approvals, inspection and other authority queries related to the client in an easier way. 

All of our services are controlled on an internal compliance platform, which provides real-time updates, intelligent dashboards, and approval procedures to our clients.

Check the comprehensive coverage of labour laws: https://www.ricago.com/labour-law-offerings/

  • Enterprise Compliances
  • Registers, Record Maintenance
  • Periodic Filings of forms & returns
Training & Development
  • Statutory Compliances Training
  • Training on CLRA, S&E, PF, Gratuity
  • POSH training
Audit & Gap Analysis
  • GAP Analysis & Advisory
  • Due Diligence / Labour Compliance Audit
  • Develop SOPs including for checks and balances
Labour Law
  • Registration, Licenses, and renewals
  • Department Liaison & Litigation
  • Labour Law Consulting & Advisory

We follow a CTC frame work approach with right blend of technology and subject expertise in our service delivery.



Complexity of managing organization compliances across multiple legal entities/ locations/ geographies and business functions. Dynamic regulatory requirements make the process more complex, Email/excel/file share mechanisms are not collaborative and adequate andAudits or Regulatory Notices require immediate retrieval of evidences. Increased risk to Directors/CXOs/Promoters and Organization’s Brand.

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