InSight (Investor Insight) is an enterprise-class system capable of effectively tracking & managing compliance items, notices, tasks, registrations and approvals related to regulatory & internal compliance requirements of an organization.  In this system, contracts and obligations are also tracked, along with any specific activities that need to be monitored and run as programs.

These features assist VC or PE firms in effectively tracking and monitoring their portfolio company compliances, and bring down significantly any inherent risks to their firms or directors.

With an easy-to-use web browser-based interface, InSight offers an integrated view of the key compliances, contracts and program status of portfolio companies.

Investor Insight

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Program Management

– Managing various programs including    various activities post funding

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Obligation Management

– Manage and track obligations resulting    from contracts and agreements

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Compliance Management

– Managing compliances of PE firm, funds    and visibility in Investee company’s    compliances
– Repository of various contracts,    Documents including Share holder    agreements, Policies etc.

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– Single view of compliances, documents,    obligations and programs

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Task Management

– Assign, manage and track tasks

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Alerts and Notifications

– For users to be alerted to work on their    assigned items

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