07 Jun

Finding the Right Legal Compliance Application for Your Company

Most operations in companies today are now automated. Organizations are now making use of technology and software applications to manage majority of their business functions like data storage & protection, customer service, sales and compliances.

However, if the organization manages all its business functions with technology and software solutions without being compliant, it will affect the organizations path to achieve the business goals. So it is important to have an application that helps the organization get compliant.

Following are the recent instances of non-compliance and its effect:
  • Punjab National Bank 13,000 crore scam breaking out it is one of the prime example of Non-Compliance to internal policies.
  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has already struck off more than 2.24 lakh companies that have not been doing business for long and disqualified more than three lakh directors associated with such entities.
  • Kamla Mills fire in Mumbai claimed lives of 14 and damages to several commercial establishments and offices.

Are you having problems selecting the right Compliance partner providing the right mix of knowledge, service and technology in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space?

A Proper Compliance Management System should have a robust compliance library, Work flow management, reports & analytics, event based features, so that it can track all the compliances that are applicable for an organisation. 

ricago Compliance Management System, a world class software application that suits any organization in the regard of managing compliances. ricago Compliance Management System helps to track and manage all 360 degree compliance that are applicable to an organization.


Compliance Library

ricago Compliance Management System is equipped with a robust compliance library that houses 900+ Legislations and 23000+ Compliance line items covering all sectors and business verticals. 

Event based

ricago Compliance Management System has a unique feature of event based compliances. It assist to be manage pre and post event activities. Example if you want to conduct an Annual General Meeting, you need to punch in the dates when you wish to have the meeting and the application would provide comprehensive list of all activities that needs to be performed.

Workflow Management

ricago Compliance Management System is equipped with a Maker and Checker workflow that can be easily configured and managed. It assists you to keep a checklist and maintain transparency and accountability.

Reports and Analytics

ricago Compliance Management System provide comprehensive reports at all levels and provides heat maps and trend analytics for real time status of compliances, which is helpful for key management personnel.

ricago Compliance Management System is one of a kind unique software application that provides you a complete end to end solution for all your compliance needs. It assists the organization from the threat of losses, notices, penalties, litigations and closure. The application helps the organization grow and assists the management achieve the Corporate goals. 

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