BCP Associates is a reputed law firm located in Bangalore, India. Established in 1990, it is a unique single point source offering a range of services in various areas of Labour and Industrial law across India.

BCP Associates conducts/undertakes Labour Law Audits and handles Legal Compliance issues for companies in various business and industry sectors across India. It also provides services in the area of Human Resource Management.

BCP Associates is Clonect’s Labour Law related content partner and subject matter experts. Industries & Businesses face a bewildering array of Laws and Regulations with an impact on every aspect of their operations. Every company of significant size is subject to Laws regarding Employment, Remunerations, Social Security, Labour Welfare, Environment, Working Conditions, Health & Safety.The legal system in India, particularly labour legislations, is becoming more complicated in view of the rapidly changing business scenario and various interpretations and decisions made



by various courts in the country. Due to the number and complexity of the laws and regulations affecting businesses, a company’s Management or officials may not be fully aware of the legal rules that govern their areas of responsibility. Often the actions taken by the Management that do not comply with the applicable laws lead to potential liability for failure and increase the risks of corporate non-compliance. Prudent corporate planning requires that company leaders identify and aim to control corporate risk and liability.

BCP ASSOCIATES advise companies on various aspects of Labour and Industrial law to help them stay in compliance with and abide by the applicable rules and legislations.

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