27 Sep

Advantages of Cloud based Compliance Management System

Where Cloud and Compliance Management Converge?

The process of cloud and compliance management can often serve to be a tricky proposition. The sheer amount of files, folders and documents pose a daunting task to say the very least. It is here that cloud comes to the rescue. To a layman, the term ‘cloud computing’ essentially refers to the process of procuring services and transferring them to other systems digitally. So, the term ‘Cloud’ essentially refers to the ‘internet’ wherein servers, storage and applications are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices online. This essentially makes the process less time consuming and more user-friendly. Therefore, the case for merging cloud and compliance management comes as nothing out of the ordinary.

A take on Software-as-a-service

A cloud based system is a must in today’s world where the ‘customer is king’. One can understand cloud through the lens of a service namely ‘Software –as- a- service’. The process could be understood by using any other service as an example like phone, electricity, internet etc. Since the implementation of those services is outsourced, the company enjoys more flexibility, scalability, and core- cost efficiency with regard to using these products. Using Software-as-a-service offer the following advantages:

Less Time Consuming

Cloud based applications are less time consuming as they are faster to deploy. This is especially useful in the case of compliance that require a number of files, application forms etc. to be transferred.

User Friendly

The nature of ‘Cloud’ is such that it is easy to use for both the business as well as the customer. Therefore, it spells a ‘win’ for all the parties involved.


The activities of compliance management require fluidity to stay up to date with the wide ranging activities.

As it relates to managing compliance documents such as policies, procedures, contracts, conflict of interest disclosures etc, security is of foremost importance.

One ought to be measured in choosing the right software to conduct the procedure as well as make sure that the employees are given sufficient training. An effective implementation will ensure that an organization satisfies its customers.

Choosing the right compliance management solution

Therefore, it becomes all the more important that an organization adopts the right compliance management solution. The following checklist can help one in choosing the right product:

  • Is the compliance management solution Software-as-a-Service
  • How does the compliance management software provider secure your data
  • Which tools do employees in the organization use most often
  • How is the organization currently managing compliance documents
  • Which features are most important to improve the current process
  • What is the implementation time frame of the compliance management solution
  • Which employees are required to be part of the implementation process
  • Are implementation and support included in the cost of the software
  • How will your organization and the Compliance Management Provider measure a successful implementation

Therefore adopting the right compliance management solution with regard to cloud-based compliance is a step in the right direction on the journey to success for any business.

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